Will Mac


Will Mac is a designer currently residing in Denver, CO. 

If you were to ever visit the little town of Stoughton, the name McNamara is more commonly known for things that are polar-opposite of being considered creative or art-oriented. From farming to construction, and should I not forget to mention the the main trash disposal for much of the county area comes from my family roots. Now I may have chosen the path 'less diverged,' and yet my family was completely supportive of letting me pursue a career in the arts.

In the midst of my sophomore year, I quickly became involved when interning first as a Creative Director for Riphort Magazine, and then eventually as Lead Designer for Corsair Athletics. My involvement with the athletics department began much with designing posters for game recaps and website news, but by the end of my junior year, carry on into creating highlight films to serve as a major recruiting tool for much of the future perspective student-athletes. In April of 2013, I went on to debut my first film titled No Offseason; a film that captures a glimpse of much of the vigorous work and commitment each student-athlete of UMass Dartmouth puts into their respective craft when no ones watching. That video went on to land me a job as a cinematographer for the Corsair's my senior year, but more importantly, uplift me to film and direct. 

Since graduating, I have been on my own designing, photographing and filmmaking for clients and even for myself. Much of the work I do for myself is simply to strengthen my craft. In the future, I hope to join a collaborative team of creative individuals and help make a similar impact as to what I did for UMass Dartmouth. 

When I'm not working, or even studying film, I am generally engaged in working out or reading about fashion.