Will Mac


Will Mac is a creative — committed to innovate & create positive impact through design.

For the past two years, I have been a part of the incredible team at Artifact Uprising—a VSCO company—shaping and evolving the brand to elevate humanness with a mission to inspire the everyday creative. We built our brand off of innovation, creating tangible products, consisting of photo books, prints, and gifts for digital photos.

In addition to that, I have spent time as a freelancer, working for clients such as the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Corsair Athletics, within a multitude of mediums, including design, photography and film. 

Some small facts about me: I come from a small town just outside of Boston. Born and raised by a family of hard-working laborers—where my name was more commonly affiliated with anything but the creative industry. I rock deafness in my left ear and a pencil on my right. Lastly, I am an absolute believer in being indispensable; to think differently.